frequently asked Questions

  • How does Antiperspirant Protection work?

    By using Protection, the ducts of the sweat glands are narrowed, but not closed. The effect of this is to prevent sweating in the treated area without affecting the sweat glands in any way. The sweat is distributed evenly and therefore completely inconspicuously over the entire body. Therefore, Protection should never be applied to the entire body. You can find out more about the exact effect here

  • Isn't sweating healthy?

    Sweating is intended to protect the body and organism from overheating. It therefore represents a vital reaction. Even in normal sweaters, the body temperature rises as soon as they feel exposed to stressful situations.

    It is primarily this emotional stress that leads to extreme sweating. In order to remove heat from the body, our sweat glands produce a watery secretion called sweat. However, in people who sweat a lot, the amount of sweat is disproportionate to temperature or stress.

    The reason: overactive sweat glands. They are overstimulated by the autonomic nervous system. Heavy sweaters can't do anything about their sweating.

  • Isn't it unhealthy to close your pores?

    The sweat glands, which are located under the armpits, represent a fraction of the body's surface area, so the cooling of the body is not affected. Between 2 and 4 million sweat glands are distributed throughout the human body in the skin. With its composition, Protection prevents the formation of bacteria and thus effectively protects against sweat and odor formation.

    You can find out more about the appearance and function of sweat glands here

  • When can Soummé be used?

    The use of Soummé is recommended from the age of 15.

  • How do I use Soummé Protection correctly?

    Correct application is crucial for the success and skin tolerance of the antiperspirant Soummé.

    Allow at least 24 hours to pass between shaving your armpits and using them! It is best to apply Protection before going to bed because the eccrine sweat glands, which are primarily emotionally stimulated, are inactive at night. Apply once a day and only very thinly for the first 1 - 3 days, then only as needed.

  • What does “as needed” mean?

    Depending on physical activity and skin type, the product should be used once a day for the first 1-3 days before going to bed. There are customers who only use Protection once a week, others 2-3 times. Everyone should develop their own rhythm .

    Care should be taken to ensure that 12 hours pass between the first application and showering, as the skin is much more sensitive after showering. For example, if you use the product for the first time and feel a slight tingling or tingling sensation, then take a break for a whole day.

  • Can Soummé be used on the hands and feet?

    The Soummé antiperspirant series is not only suitable for sweating in the armpits, but also for various areas of the body. Areas such as sweating on the head/face, chest and stomach can also be treated well with Protection from Soummé.

    Unfortunately , sweating on the hands is much more difficult to reduce because we have far more sweat glands here than in other parts of the body. We also have predominantly positive feedback from our customers about their feet . But even in this case, we would recommend that you try it out with a single sachet(here) , which can be used multiple times.

  • Can Soummé be used on the head and face?

    The Soummé products were initially developed for the armpit area. Since the antiperspirant is a cosmetic , it may only be used externally .

    The wipes/sachets are ideal for areas such as the head/face. You could possibly dab the relevant areas with the cloths. Please only use soummé very thinly. We have already received positive feedback for use on the neck, forehead and various areas of the body. When using Soummé, please be careful not to come into contact with mucous membranes, eyes or open areas. In addition, Soummé antiperspirant should never be used on the entire body, otherwise there is a risk of overheating.

  • Why isn't Soummé also available as a spray, shampoo, cream or ointment?

    Soummé should only be applied selectively and very thinly to the affected areas. A spray or shampoo would spread the product over too large an area.

  • Can Soummé be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

    Soummé only contains approved cosmetic ingredients and Soumme Protection is therefore an approved cosmetic product. We cannot tell you how the ingredients will work with your pregnancy. We ask you to contact your family doctor or gynecologist, as they can provide the best professional advice tailored to you.

  • Can Soummé cause discoloration?

    The product contains mostly plant-based ingredients and is also vegan. Of course, it may be that certain substances used in the textile industry react with aluminum chloride. In our tests and garments (in different colors) we did not notice any discoloration. Basically, we always recommend applying the product very thinly so that when you put on a T-shirt later, not enough liquid can get onto the T-shirt. However, as a manufacturer, we cannot give a general guarantee as to how the product will react with all textiles (mostly produced abroad).

  • Can itching occur when using Soummé?

    Itching can occur if, for example, the product is not applied very thinly or is applied too often in a row and the skin is not given the opportunity to get used to the product, especially at the beginning. Even very small abrasions caused by shaving can cause irritation.

    Have you followed our other application instructions?

    1. Apply only very thinly
    2. Do not apply after showering as the skin is much more sensitive afterwards (leave 12 hours in between)
    3. Leave 12 hours between shaving and application
    4. Do not apply to the sensitive areas around the armpits
    5. If you feel a slight tingling or itching when you use it for the first time, take a break until this goes away. The valuable care ingredients will help you with this.
  • What is special about Soummé?

    Protection by Soummé contains no alcohol, no dyes, no perfume and no parabens. Due to its special composition, it is simultaneously effective and cares for the skin. Sage, aloe vera and allantoin provide sufficient care.

  • What is the difference between Soummé For Women and Soummé For Men?

    There is no difference between the products. The products only differ in color. It is exactly the same liquid that we just fill into different bottles. We just wanted to offer our customers a customized design.

  • Why is aluminum chloride used in antiperspirants?

    Aluminum has an antiperspirant effect. It has the property of pulling the skin together (astringent effect). On the other hand, it helps to temporarily close the outlets of the sweat ducts by forming a gel-like protein complex (like a kind of plug).

    However, aluminum chloride alone does not make a good antiperspirant. On the contrary, without the right balance it cannot even be used long-term (depending on the skin type).

    Rather, it is the balance of specially tailored ingredients that makes Soummé so successful.

    Further information, particularly on the concerns of aluminum chloride, can be found here.

  • Does applying another deodorant affect its effectiveness?

    Applying another deodorant or antiperspirant does not affect the effectiveness of Protection in any way. Of course, it's not necessary unless you desire a specific scent. So you can do this with peace of mind.