Sweating is actually a good and, above all, natural thing, if it weren't for the unpleasant smell. Underarm sweat in particular has a strong smell and is therefore frowned upon. What's more: Most people find the smell of sweat disgusting and stay away when the nasty body odor hits their nose. It's not uncommon for it to last long, because the smell of sweat is almost always associated with poor hygiene.

That's why 38.48 million Germans use deodorant every day, many even several times a day. An antiperspirant would be a better choice. As the Latin origin of the word (de = away, odor = smell) suggests, a deodorant does not combat the cause of the odor problem, but only the symptoms.

Why sweat smells unpleasant

To understand this, you have to know that it's not just the sweat itself that's unpleasant. Sweat consists of around 99 percent water and is therefore virtually odorless. Bacteria that break down the sweat on our skin are responsible for the smell of sweat.

Deodorants have ingredients that try to fight the bacteria before sweat starts to smell from the decomposition process .

However, a deodorant does not inhibit sweat production in any way.

That's why it often has additional fragrances that are intended to cover up the smell of sweat. And that's why unsightly sweat stains form in the armpit area, which, in addition to the olfactory ones, cause visual rejection.

Antiperspirant takes a completely different approach. Its ingredients prevent sweat from reaching the skin in the first place. Without sweat, there is no odor and no risk. After all, we have all had to experience that not every deodorant is able to stop the bacteria from doing their work.

And the long-term effect that many deodorants promise is more of a marketing wish than a reality.

An antiperspirant offers a real long-term effect

The long-term effects of antiperspirants, on the other hand, have been scientifically proven. Some experts even recommend applying the antiperspirant before going to bed so that it can take full effect.

But how does the supposed miracle cure work?

What sounds like magic is actually simple physics. Instead of using cheap tricks, an antiperspirant gets to the root of the problem - or rather, all of the gland.

Antiperspirants - including those from Soummé - contain natural salts , which form a kind of wafer-thin gel layer in front of the sweat glands and close them almost completely .

This means that sweat can no longer reach the skin and the bacteria lack a source of nutrition.

An antiperspirant really combats the cause and therefore works more efficiently than a deodorant, which does not reduce the overall amount of sweat in the slightest.

An antiperspirant can extremely reduce or even completely minimize the amount of sweat that comes out . This means you can avoid artificial fragrances, which often irritate the skin.

Here is a comparison between a conventional deodorant and an antiperspirant:

deodorant (deodorant)

Antiperspirant, e.g. B. Soumme

The deodorant primarily covers unpleasant odors. Similar to perfume, the fragrances overshadow the smell of sweat. Depending on the intensity and quality, this sometimes works more and sometimes less well.

Some ingredients are designed to fight the bacteria that break down sweat and thereby cause the smell of sweat.

A deodorant does not reduce sweat production. As a result, it cannot prevent sweat marks on clothing. Even if the deodorant manages to temporarily reduce the smell of sweat, sweating remains visible.

The antiperspirant actually prevents sweat from reaching the skin and thus the cause of sweat smell.

Natural salts close the sweat pores so that less or no sweat is secreted.

Effective antiperspirants therefore do not require any skin-irritating fragrances.

The natural salts such as aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum chloride, which ensure the high efficiency of the antiperspirants, are completely harmless, as the Federal Office for Risk Assessment has confirmed after extensive tests and studies.

Good deodorants minimize some of the bacteria and thus the smell of sweat, while others only temporarily cover it up.

Antiperspirants prevent sweat from escaping and therefore work efficiently in the long term. The smell of sweat doesn't even arise.

Antiperspirant is suitable for all parts of the body

It becomes clear that an antiperspirant is far more effective than a deodorant when you understand why sweat smells and how the products work. This rightly raises the question of whether it is not a concern to close the sweat pores. And the all-clear is clearly given here too:

The human body has up to four million sweat pores spread across the entire skin. However, an antiperspirant is only used on a very small area, which is responsible for a large part of the odor - namely under the armpits. The function of sweat – to cool down the body – is not affected in any way.

This topic has already been clarified.

For many people, sweating on the face is at least as unpleasant as sweating under the armpits. Because this is where sweat is most obvious to those around us (this can be particularly unpleasant in stressful situations - the purest vicious circle).

And we have taken precautions for this situation too! Our antiperspirant wipes for the face and head were developed precisely for such situations in order to prevent the above-mentioned problem from arising in the first place.

Soummé Sachets are practical antiperspirant wipes that are individually welded, fit in any trouser pocket and can be used at any time to protect against sweat and odor.

Further information about our sachets is listed here.

Antiperspirant declares war on sweat

If you really want to make sure that you don't scare those around you with the unpleasant smell of sweat and that you don't have a cloud of sweat around you even in particularly stressful and important situations, such as a customer visit or job interview, you should use antiperspirant rather than deodorant.

Our antiperspirants are harmless to health , do not require any fragrances and treat the cause of unpleasant body odor very efficiently . Since the very beginning, we have aimed to deliver maximum effect while using skin-care ingredients that are tolerated by most allergy sufferers.

Thanks to our product line, several thousand customers have been able to successfully stop their sweating and thus experience a new quality of life.

Try it yourself! Why bother with annoying sweating when the solution is just a few clicks away?