deodorant against sweating Deodorant is the method of choice for most people when it comes to suppressing sweat. Numerous advertisements promise relief.

Unlike an antiperspirant, it is not capable of this at all.

We explain why this is the case in this article!

Good deodorants have an antibacterial effect and can help minimize the smell of sweat. However, they quickly reach their limits because they do not reduce the amount of sweat. Only an antiperspirant can do that.

Sweating cannot be avoided, especially not under the armpits. Our body constantly reacts to temperature fluctuations inside our body and tries to compensate for them.

We usually don't notice it because the amount of sweat is small unless we're doing sports or it's 30 degrees Celsius outside. However, there is always the risk of smelling like sweat.

The reason: It's not the sweat itself that smells unpleasant. Rather, it is the decomposition process that takes place on the skin. Bacteria on our skin are responsible for this.

How does a deodorant work?

Deodorants work in two ways. On the one hand, they try to reduce the number of bacteria . Because the fewer of them, the less smell there can be. The smell of sweat, which cannot be prevented, is neutralized or masked with fragrances .

The use of deodorants is part of everyday hygiene for most people - regardless of gender and age. The mere thought that other people could smell your own sweat often leads to panic attacks.

For some, it causes such anxiety that they are constantly looking for a deodorant to combat excessive sweating. But often most deodorants fail, even if we don't produce excessive sweat. They reach their limits at the latest on warm summer days, during sports or in exceptional emotional situations.

Deodorants for women and men: what's the difference?

In general, the range of deodorants to combat sweating is very large. It starts with the fact that most manufacturers offer deodorants for women and men. Men sweat more than women because they have more sweat glands and they are also more active.

The way deodorants work for men and women is usually the same . The concentration of the ingredients usually doesn't differ in the slightest. The only difference: the fragrances are tailored to the preferences of the gender.

Different forms of use of deodorants

The way in which deodorants are packaged and used also contributes to the diversity. In the West, a distinction is made between atomizers, deodorant rollers and sticks:

  • Deodorant spray

The spray is the classic deodorant to combat sweating. It is particularly hygienic because the deodorant packaging does not require any contact with the body. The deodorant is atomized and applied evenly to the area to be treated. The deodorant should be shaken before use and then sprayed onto the armpits from a distance of 15 cm.

  • Roll on

Roll-ons apply the deodorant with a movable ball, which allows optimal and targeted dosage. The roll-on deodorant is also practical to use. These deodorants are usually more compact than the sprays and therefore fit ideally in your handbag.

  • Deodorant stick

The deodorant stick is similar to the roll-on, but is a little more difficult to use. The problem is the even distribution of the solid to viscous mass. In addition, the contents of the stick must be manually turned up, like a glue stick.

In addition, a stick is only suitable for use under the armpits, whereas spray and roll-on can theoretically be used on all areas of the body.

The best deodorants for heavy sweating

Deodorants that advertise that they work particularly well on people who sweat particularly heavily usually have a higher antibacterial effect . The natural bacterial flora on the skin is the reason why sweat, which is actually odorless, smells. This is particularly evident in the armpits and intimate area. This is where the apocrine sweat glands are located, which secrete sweat that is richer in nutrients than sweat from other parts of the body.

In order for a deodorant to be effective against heavy sweating, it must have a high antibacterial effect. However, it is even better to start directly on the sweat gland so that little or no sweat reaches the skin.

This is what deodorants with aluminum do. The aluminum salts cause the sweat glands to constrict and partially close.

If no sweat comes on the skin, the bacteria have no food source and there is no smell (!)

Various studies and also Stiftung Warentest prove that only deodorants with aluminum are really effective against sweating and perspiration. More precisely, such deodorants are called antiperspirants . Our Novel Protection antiperspirant also belongs to this category and therefore fundamentally solves the problem.

Aluminum in deodorant is proven to be harmless

Since we have received numerous messages in which the question has repeatedly arisen as to whether aluminum in deodorants is dangerous, we would like to provide clarity here and emphasize once again:

Contrary to what was previously believed, aluminum in deodorant does not pose a health risk

This is also confirmed by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), which only commissioned a large-scale study on the topic in 2019.

The best deodorants for heavy sweating are those that contain aluminum salts. Aluminum, which is also found in our foods, is only absorbed through the skin in minimal quantities.

A significantly higher proportion of aluminum is absorbed through our diet than through our antiperspirant.

For anyone who would like to delve further into the topic, you will find detailed information in our article on aluminum chloride .

The use of deodorants with aluminum is therefore harmless. Instead of using deodorants that are barely or not very effective and mainly cover up the smell of sweat with fragrances, you can easily use really helpful antiperspirants that inhibit sweat production .

Natural deodorants are largely ineffective

If that's still too much "chemistry" for you and you want it to be even more natural, you can resort to home remedies.

However, we would like to emphasize that these are hardly effective . The most adventurous recipes can be found on the Internet. For example, a paste made from cornstarch, coconut oil and baking soda is said to help. Baking soda actually has a slight antibacterial effect. But the antibacterial effect is almost completely nullified by the other substances.

The effect of tea tree oil, sage and the like has not been proven either. It mostly depends on the individual and concentration. In order for sage tea to noticeably reduce sweat production, you would have to drink several liters of it every day, which in turn would not be beneficial to your health.

Luckily, you don't have to rely on home remedies. Because this is exactly where we come into play!

Soummé antiperspirant is one of the best deodorants

Deodorant for sweating

We are not exaggerating when we say that our product line is at the top.

Our recipe is so efficient and effective that we can completely avoid alcohol and fragrances . Dyes are also taboo for us. That's why Soummé products are also suitable for sensitive skin.

We have deliberately developed a skin-friendly and harmless antiperspirant that really helps against annoying sweating.

Our Novel Protection covers the sweat glands like an invisible gel film and prevents sweat from escaping in the first place . No sweat means no unpleasant side effects such as wet armpits, salt marks or the acrid smell of sweat.