Soummé rose water - beauty gift box - 280 ml dropper bottle & a 60ml spray bottle & 7 wipes each 8.5ml rose water

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🌹 Great gift box with premium rose water in high-quality packaging for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day or similar.

🌹 100% natural - 100% organic and certified organic

🌹 Free from chemicalsThe high-quality gift box is sent again in foil.

🌹 Rose water from Morocco from certified cultivation (ECOCERT), tested and bottled in Germany - Made in Germany

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*Special feature:

Soummé rose water contains 5% of the raw material "Pentylene Glycol natural" approved for natural cosmetics .

This is an expensive raw material that, on the one hand, provides moisture , but on the other hand has an antimicrobial effect . It therefore prevents the formation and reproduction of germs and bacteria.

Particularly with pure hydrosols, strong nucleation is often unavoidable. We have therefore decided to protect our valuable rose water and your skin - with a raw material that is approved for natural cosmetics and is also ECOCERT certified .


Soummé rose water is ideal as a hydrating water for the face and body . A refreshing water for the face, neck, décolleté and other parts of the body. Natural skin care for summer and winter.

Soothes the skin - ideal before and after sunbathing.

Has a cooling and refreshing effect and gives a wonderfully rosy scent. Discreet and seductive at the same time. Suitable for all skin types.

Experience the diverse effects of rose water:

Clarifying and cooling, moisturizing , refines the complexion , narrows the pores and prevents blackheads and thus ensures a smooth complexion.

Application: Spray twice daily on the face or desired parts of the body and additionally if necessary. Ideal after sunbathing or in cold winter air.

Rose water from Soummé... ..feel and smell the difference.


1 x 280ml rose water dropper bottle

1 x 60ml rose water spray bottle

7 x rose water wipes

High quality gift box