The woman is herself

If the market doesn't offer anything, I have to invent something myself - that's what founder Sümmeyya Bach must have thought when, even after an intensive search, she couldn't find an antiperspirant that met her specific requirements. Either she was disappointed with the effect or it lacked the right skin care properties.


Opened up the market with your own solution

Determined to help herself, the ambitious founder dug deeper and deeper into the subject, acquired knowledge, asked friends and ultimately developed her very own solution to the problem: SOUMMÉ, an antiperspirant that only needs to be applied once or three times a week. With her product born out of necessity, Sümmeyya Bach brought salvation for herself and everyone affected!

Soumme packaging

An optimal balance between effectiveness and care

Basically, all strong antiperspirants have the same base, namely aluminum chloride. However, aluminum chloride alone does not make a good antiperspirant; even if it is overdosed, it may not work at all because the skin is irritated too much and long-term use is not possible. The decisive factor is the combination and precise coordination. In addition to various care ingredients such as aloe vera and allantoin, Protection also contains sage. This is a special mixture. In addition, the product does not contain other irritating and unnecessary substances such as ethyl alcohol and fragrances and dyes.

Soummé at The Lion's Den

A moving “One Woman Show”

Ralf Dümmel: “An achievement that is incredible!”

There was probably not a single lion who wasn't impressed by Sümmeyya Bach's presentation - no wonder, since the likeable founder had created a very special product based on her personal story of suffering. For each lion, she brought a small product package in a stylish bag including a brand logo.

Above all, the qualified lawyer shone with detailed knowledge of the subject of sweating and did not shy away from taking a critical look at the necessary ingredient, aluminum chloride. It wasn't just Judith Williams who was deeply moved. For Ralf Dümmel it was one of the strongest performances ever in the Lion's Den. He described Sümmeyya Bach's described career as "an achievement that is incredible." Ralf Dümmel ultimately offered €150,000 for a 20% stake and won the contract.