Aluminum chloride old

Aluminum occurs as a natural component in drinking water and other foods, especially in fruits and vegetables. It is mainly consumed by consumers through food. Additional sources of exposure can be food items containing aluminum, such as cooking utensils, cans, foil or tubes, from which the light metal is transferred to the food. For example, it is used in deodorant rollers because of its antiperspirant effect.

Why do you use aluminum chloride?
in antiperspirants?

Aluminum has an antiperspirant effect. It has the property of pulling the skin together ( astringent effect ). On the other hand, it helps to temporarily close the sweat ducts by forming a gel-like protein complex (like a kind of plug).

However, aluminum chloride alone does not make a good antiperspirant. Rather, it is the specially tailored ingredients that make Protection from SOUMMÉ effective.