Help against sweating on the head, face and other parts of the body

Do you sweat a lot on your head and face? So much so that it immediately strikes you and determines your behaviour? Then you've come to the right place. You can stop sweating on your head and face!

Isn't sweating healthy and important?

It all depends. Sweating is a vital reaction that protects the organism from overheating.

If the body temperature warms up or if we have emotional stress, the sweat glands produce a liquid secretion that evaporates on the skin and extracts heat from the body.

But: In extreme sweaters, however, the amount of sweat is not in relation to temperature or stress.

The cause: an over-productiv sweat glands. They are overstimulated by the autonomic nervous system.

Sweating on the head and face is particularly unpleasant, as the person affected cannot simply hide it with a jacket or other piece of clothing. Hats and caps are not always appropriate.

But why do certain people sweat so much on their heads and faces - even without physical activity? Sweating - especially extreme sweating - can have various causes:

However, if none of the above-mentioned diseases are present, it could also be Hyperhidrosis - abnormal and excessive sweating.

When saline tea and other household remedies alone do not help

But what if the saline-tea, mild food and airy clothes are not enough?

If you want to stop sweating on your forehead, head and other parts of your body, the highly effective Antiperspirant from NovelProtection will help you.

What is the difference to conventional deodorants or antiperspirants?

Novel Protection contains a special combination of active ingredients consisting of care substances, natural active ingredients and aluminium chloride (for information on the safety of aluminium chloride please click here).

It stops sweating effectively and reliably!

How does the antiperspirant NovelProtection by Soummé work?

Novel Protection's combination of active ingredients reduces the cross section of the opening of the sweat gland. This is because the raw materials contained, penetrate into the sweat channel and constrict it. This is a completely safe process.

·      The sweat cannot reach the surface of the affected area

·      The blocked sweat now spreads evenly and inconspicuously over the body

·      The head accounts for just 1% of the body's surface area

Overheating can thus not occur. Novel Protection should never be applied to the entire body, like other antiperspirants, as otherwise there is a risk of overheating [heat stroke].

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