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How to stop excessive sweating

1. How the Soummé Antiperspirant works

The openings of the sweat ducts become significantly smaller following the application of the Soummé Antiperspirant, but they do not close completely. This allows the sweat glands to preserve their natural function without unwanted perspiration. At the same time, this also permits the penetration of the active substances on the next application, so that the effect is preserved over a longer period of time.

2. Isn’t sweating healthy?

It depends. Sweating is a vital function that protects the body from overheating. When the body temperature rises or when we are under emotional stress, the sweat glands generate a watery secretion that evaporates on the skin and draws warmth from the body.
The problem is: for the people concerned (people who sweat too much), the amount of sweat is disproportional to the temperature or stress.
The reason: Overactive sweat glands. They are overstimulated by the vegetative nervous system.

3. Isn’t it unhealthy to close the pores?

The sweat function that regulates body temperature is not influenced by the Soummé Antiperspirant. The sweat glands under the armpits are not relevant for that, as the surface under the armpits (about 1% of the skin surface) is far too small. Another reason the sweat glands are not suitable for regulating body temperature is their position in the armpits, which doesn’t allow the perspiration to evaporate properly.

The smell of sweat is created by this insufficient sweat evaporation, by subsequent chemical decomposition and, by developing bacteria growth assisted by the underarm hair. This is why the Soummé Antiperspirant contains a substance that prevents bacteria growth, offering effective protection from body odour.

4. How do I apply the Soummé Antiperspirant correctly?

At first (during the first 2-3 days), the Soummé Antiperspirant should be applied max. once a day (with 24 hours between applications). It is recommended to apply the product on clean armpits at night before going to bed, as the predominantly emotionally-stimulated eccrine sweat glands are inactive during the night.

At least 6-8 hours should pass between armpit shaving and application.

5. A special characteristic of the Soummé Antiperspirant

The Soummé Antiperspirant does not contain any alcohol, colorants, perfumes or parabens. 

Common antiperspirants may be effective due to their higher dosage of aluminium chloride, but at the same time they are very aggressive. Not only do they cause strong itching, but they also make the skin extremely dry.

Due to a special combination of components, it is effective, at the same time offering great skin care. Sage, aloe vera and allantoin provide sufficient care and fight against dry skin, especially in the long run.

6. Do antiperspirants cause cancer?

So far, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has not been able to find any founded scientific connection between the absorption of aluminium from cosmetic products through the body and the verifiable development of breast cancer.

Quality features:

The formula was developed in Germany and fulfils the highest requirements (quality of pharmaceutical products). The product has been dermatologically tested and its skin tolerance has been proven.

The developed product has passed the safety evaluation in accordance with Article 10, Chapter III, of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/ 2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products.

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